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Watch out for copy cats !

As a worldwide patented and protected concept, Bossaball will prosecute any action that violates its rights through law offices all over the world, specialized in intellectual property rights.


Safety and security have been our priority since day one. Our courts are a combination of inflatables with more than 250 kg of iron frames safely patted inside its structure. More than two years several engineers have developed our standard pitches at exactly measured pressure volumes, making it suitable to endure for use up to ten adults at once and therefore obtained a "Safety Certificate" through AIB Vinçotte.

Needless to say that any possible copy can lead to serious life time injuries and handicaps dramatically jeopardizing future activities of your company and your clients; this is a complete different story then copying a harmless gadget or jumping castle.

In order to commercialize bossaball in an adequate way it is necessary to employ professional skilled players and personal trained by our company which will enable you to maximize your investments and to satisfy your eventual partners.

A professional team together with the right/safe materials is the key to your future success.





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Bossaball map

SourisVerteMap - La Souris Verte



Bossaball Social

Bossaball Social
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Latest News

Haribo/Maoam Bossaball Tours
Friday, 19 July 2013 16:18

Haribo and Bossaball have launched a new chapter in their partnership: Bossaball is currently touring camping sites and beaches all over the Netherlands & Belgium, sponsored by Haribo & Maoam!

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Bossaball Summer Tour Europe
Tuesday, 11 June 2013 13:24

Check our European Summer Tour agenda! This summer you can find us on gym, volley and soccer events as well as on one of the best european music festivals... Plan your trip now!!

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